Wealth Accumulation & Management

Our bottom line is your bottom line.

As a fee-only wealth management services provider, our compensation is based entirely on how well our advice helps your portfolio grow. We’re a small and independent financial advisor right here in Portland, Oregon. We can provide more personalized service and offer a wider array of investment options that are selected for how they’ll help you, not how they benefit us.

Personalized Service

First, we listen. Then we create a wealth management strategy tailored to your needs, your objectives, your risk tolerance, and your time horizon. Regardless of portfolio size, your financial advisor is accessible and responsive, with local accountability right here in Portland, Oregon.

Independent, Unbiased Financial Advisors

Because we are completely independent, our financial advisors are totally unbiased. We access the same sophisticated research we use for our corporate retirement plan portfolios to design an investment strategy exclusively for you. We have a big stake in your success—when your portfolio gains in value, we benefit along with you. If it drops in value, we are penalized.

Lower Costs

Believe it or not, investment vehicles each have a variety of pricing schemes advisors can choose. At Heestand, our mantra is to always choose the lowest cost option for you. Lower fees means more money stays invested in your account working for your benefit. Simple as that.

Ready to start accumulating and managing your wealth? Contact us. Let’s have coffee.

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