Retirement Planning Services and 401k Plans

Helping your people become retirement ready

Employee Education and Participation

Nothing goes further toward your employees’ “retirement readiness” than fostering their participation in the plan. Here’s how we work to achieve it:

  • Gap analysis: Where you are vs. where you want to be
  • Group and individual participant education meetings
  • Asset allocation and investment guidance from experienced 401k advisors
  • Personal retirement planning strategies
  • Exit and rollover facilitation

Fiduciary Risk Management

No one wants to think about things like “fiduciary risk” and “regulatory compliance.” That’s why we help coordinate the details for you. Among the services we provide:

  • Help with “regulator readiness”
  • Investment committee structure, fiduciary record keeping, formal meeting and process management, including minutes and follow-up
  • Investment consulting, reporting and due diligence
  • Identify conflicts of interest in investment line-up
  • Vendor contract review, oversight and management
  • Plan design assistance and plan document review
  • Mergers & acquisitions plan level services

Investment Management

With reliable, unbiased advice, we help you sort through the thousands of investment options to choose the right mix for your 401k or other retirement plan. We provide:

  • Investment Policy Statement design assistance
  • Our proprietary investment option SCORE system
  • “Dig Deep” quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Market benchmarking
  • In-house quarterly investment option monitoring

Plan Efficiency

We know costs are of primary concern to employers so we find efficiencies to ensure more of your retirement plan assets remain invested, rather than going to pay expenses. We offer:

  • Benchmarking of plans, costs, transparency and services
  • Annual fee transparency report to uncover hidden, excessive, non-competitive fees
  • Annual administrative review
  • Provider contract review assistance
  • Liaison for vendor oversight and management
  • Careful vendor selection assistance and fee negotiation
  • Conversion services

Remember…. If our services don’t deliver overall plan results that exceed our fee, then you should fire us. Simple as that.

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