At Heestand Company, we’re fundamentally different from other financial services companies. Regardless of your needs—help with employee benefit programs, retirement plans, business executive benefits, group insurance, personal wealth accumulation & management, or any of our other offerings—three words describe our approach: perspective, creativity, and integrity. Learn more by scrolling down.

  • Perspective

    We take the time to gain a clear perspective on your unique situation, goals and objectives.

  • Creativity

    As an independent advisor we have the flexibility to develop creative, unbiased solutions that fit your needs and desires.

  • integrity

    This one is simple. Truly honest, client-driven, sage advice. No biased recommendations. No self-serving product offerings. It’s all about you.

  • Striving for retirement readiness

    We help your people become retirement ready while also helping your business with:

    • Employee Education and Participation
    • Fiduciary Risk Management
    • Investment Management
    • Lower Costs through plan efficiency

    If our retirement plan services don’t deliver overall plan results that exceed our fee, then you should fire us. Simple as that.

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  • Group Benefits

    We are knowledgeable, reliable, detail-oriented and service-focused. In today’s rapidly changing health care marketplace, we help you balance cost with the well-being of your people by focusing on:

    • Benefits to your employees
    • Cost efficiency
    • Reliable Service
    • Hassle-free program management


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  • Wealth Accumulation & Risk Management

    We get it. Not everyone is independently wealthy. Before you start thinking about managing your wealth, it would be wise to develop strategies to accumulate wealth.

    Whether your current focus is better geared toward wealth accumulation or wealth management, we treat you as an individual, developing a customized approach to your personal objectives driven by unbiased, independent research.

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